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Leverage ChatGPT to answer all your customer's questions simply by providing your website url

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Don't spend time building your chatbots manually. Provide your website url and we will use it to train our AI 

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Import your chatbot by pasting three lines of code into your website

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Our chatbot will answer any user question by using your website as a knowledge source

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Automate customer support inquires using the latest NLP software

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please send an email to

What is GPTService ?

GPTService is a system that helps you create chatbots to automate your customer service by utilizing the content of your website.

How can I set it up ?

To set it up, simply enter your website's URL, upload your website's icon, and specify which URLs of your website you would like to exclude from the chatbot's knowledge. You will shortly receive an email confirming that your chatbot is ready to go

How is it different from regular Chatbot builders ?

Traditional chatbot builders require you to manually create conversation flows. With our chatbots, they are trained automatically by utilizing your website's URL, which gets you up and running faster than ever before. Additionally, our chatbots use the latest AI technology to understand and answer questions

How can I add the bot to my website

To add your Chatbot to your website, select it on the left side of your dashboard and click on the "Copy Code" button. Then, simply copy and paste the code into your website.

Is the Chatbot multilingual ?

Yes, our system supports up to 95 languages. By providing your website content in just one language, your chatbot will be able to answer questions in any of these 95 languages.

How is the chatbot trained

By providing your website's URL, we are able to fetch all relevant content from all available pages. This content becomes the knowledge base from which the chatbot operates.

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